Monday, March 15, 2010

ramp jam

this weekend was the second b.y.o.ramp jam at the greenbrier banks and needless to say, shit was tight. good tunes, good beer, good and shitty ramps, good people. even the guy that runs the business stopped by to give a speech on how to be a decent citizen and pickup after yourself. he also requested that we stay off his wall because every time his panel gets wrecked he has to spend $1500 to replace it, all while wearing a Vans "off the wall" tshirt. in the end he was cool with it. game on. sorry i only took one picture, they really shouldn't serve alcohol at these things.

oh yea, little daryl's mom dropped him off with a 40 of OE just so he could tailwhip the stump jump. hoodrat


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